Tyler Willingham

RIP Apple Watch

So, I bought an Apple Watch back in November. After just over five months of ownership I've decided to leave it on the charger. I'm now wearing an entry-level automatic mechanical dive watch. There are plenty of us who have gone from an Apple Watch to a mechanical watch.

I've had an interest in mechanical watches for a long time but I'm also enthusiastic about new technology so I jumped on the Apple Watch. While it was okay, it felt a lot more like a gimmick. A mechanical watch on the other hand (no pun intended) impresses me to no end.

I'm in love with the engineering that allows a watch to operate without a battery. The mechanics are endlessly impressive. I appreciate great engineering and I feel much more appreciation for the details that go into building a mechanical watch. So, even though it doesn't show me my text messages, I'm not looking ahead at the future of smartwatches. I'll just look down at this old-fashioned, reliable timepiece.

Is this the single-responsibility principal manifesting in real life?