Tyler Willingham

On working remotely

I recently had an injury resurface and I'm working from home for a prolonged period of time. Here's what I like about it.

It's worth noting that I've worked from home for different periods of time before. This isn't my first stint. I worked from home for a year during 2012-2013 and before that when I was consulting full-time. So i've gotten used to the little distractions and things that make it hard for some people during their initial transition to full-time working from home.

My home workspace

My favorite thing about working from home is getting to use my home office. I have a dedicated office that I share with my girlfriend, however I'm basically the only one that uses it. It's more comfortable than my work office because I own everything, and I'm able to customize it knowing that I'm not going to be moving it anytime soon.

Now if only I had bought that standing desk already…

No morning commute

I like driving, but I don't like my morning commute. It's too short to really enjoy my time in the car and traffic is really unpredictable. And in the morning drivers tend to be worse than the evening since they're barely awake.


I work at a company where dogs are allowed in the office, but I'm a cat person. Sometimes it's nice to take a minute and give your pet some attention.

Small breaks can become productive.

Sometimes at the office I'll get up and take a walk around the office and say hi to people. It would feel odd if I did that at home. Instead my breaks at home can consist of doing something small and thoughtless like cleaning the dishes.


I can cook lunch at home. Sometimes that just means heating something up in the freezer and other times it means making an omellete for lunch. Either way, it's cheaper because I already have the ingredients/food and it usually ends up being faster than stepping out to grab a bite.

It's peaceful

Maybe not if you have children. But I don't. Now that it's starting to feel like Spring I can crack the windows, have a slight breeze and it's quiet. I don't have the background noise and distractions of a typical open office environment.

No missed deliveries

Maybe it's because I was feeling especially bored after-hours during my first week in the house but I started buying several things off of Amazon and it was really nice to know that I'm able to be here when it arrives and I don't have to worry about delayed/missed deliveries.

Landlord visits/repair appointments

Our upstairs shower drain was leaking water which caused a wet spot in the ceiling above our kitchen. Since I was working from home I was able to let the repairman in and passively supervise my house while he did his thing---

I'm enjoying working from home again. It's a nice break and while it will be nice being in an office again, I think remote work is something I will always feel passionately about.