Tyler Willingham


Workspace 2017

The nerd in me has always been excited about tweaking my workspace, finding the perfect items, and building a cool aesthetic. Now that I've gone full-time remote again, I reinvested in my home workspace and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Static analysis & you

Static analysis assists in identifying objectively inconsistent and problematic areas within your codebase. I think whether you're building a small application or a large one, there's immense value in static analysis.

Code it like I'm 5.

I've worked on a lot of applications and seen how complexity manifests itself in many different ways. There are a slew of solutions to combat complexity that people infinitely smarter than I have figured out, named, written and given conference talks about.

Compose better commits and squash less often.

Some people ❤ to squash. I do not love to squash my commits. I like to be deliberate about what I’m committing and when I’m committing it. Because I am deliberate about this, I don’t like squashing. Squashing hides my history.

On working remotely

I recently had an injury resurface and I'm working from home for a prolonged period of time. Here's what I like about it.