Mentorship-driven development

I've been in senior-level positions a couple of times now and each time I get moved into one I start to feel a wave of imposter syndrome come on.

But then it settles down and I recognize what kind of "senior" I become in teams. I am the type of engineer who thrives at making other engineers better. And probably, better than me.

I would be nowhere without the mentors that I have had in my career. And my goal is to provide that mentorship for anyone I can at whatever stage in their career.

Arriving at a point in my career where I can provide mentorship like people provided to me is one of my proudest achievements and I appreciate being in a position where I can give back.

If you don't feel like you're at that point yet. Don't worry. (Though you probably already are) If you're not, you will be soon. Remember the people who helped you and strive to show some of the same qualities that they demonstrated to you.

That's what mentorship-driven development is to me.